MOTHER-The subtle Peace

It is said that God could not be present with each one at every single moment of life so he created Mother. She is the one who truly cares for us right from our first breath till last. Though words are enough to justify the love a child and mother shares ..but still here is a small dedication from a child to his lovely mother :

Because Of You I Am Me

My Life My Mother For what I'm today Is because my mother always showed me the way You have been a teacher, a friend And a lot more that I can't comprehend. We were very mischievous Used to miss the school bus

And you in the store room imprisoned us. When tear drops fall, you hold me tight And tell me everything will be alright. Your love is like the moonlight, Your touch is soft and gentle, Yet so strong Making right my every wrong. Your soul is full of life Making everyone around you alive. You're so special and important to me In my words I can never describe.

Happy Mother's day

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