What is Anonybooks about??

Updated: May 10, 2020

Before most of you start guessing and judging what this website is about lets begin with a small tour of the website and figure out what all features it has and what it actually offers.

The website has very evidently it has two sections :

1. STORY :

This section gives you an opportunity to post any story you want to . Yea the name itself says that Whats new ??

  1. You can write your post or story without mentioning your name . Thats right you can anonymously write and post if you don't want the world to know your true identity.

  2. The most liked or viewed story will be put by us on our front page and on all our social media accounts.

  3. We will provide you with daily or weekly challenges and again the winner will get special recognition.


Now this is something new . Have you ever heard of a confession game ?

Its quite similar to that .

The confessor can confess anything again anonymity is his own choice and then the readers will get an opportunity to mention their views and comment comment it they think its true or not. And at last the confessor can break the suspense .

Again the most popular confession will be specially recognized.

Note : Please read the rules of confession before confessing anything

You never know when fun can become passion and passion can become fun . Discover the writer hidden inside you and let him flow out.

If you still have any confusions feel free to contact us any time

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